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Today’s Poem

The Rugged Red Rope

I was there, you were there
The wind whispers
Through the tree
We both stare.

One was dark,
One was fair,
We did not notice,
We did not care.

I saw the passion
In your eyes
The fiery sunset
In our Midnight skies.

You reached out
A forbidden hand,
Longing for
The forbidden land.

My hand meets yours,
Your lips meet mine.

The gentle pressure grows
Strong on my lips,
I caress your curls,
Your hands run down my hips.

We both sense
The White-Clothed Snakes,
We hear the tremors,
In their wake.

We smell the hatred,
The fear, the distaste,
The overpowering long
For thick, dark blood.

Yet we do not mind.
We are entwined.
Love is blind.

You are ripped away,
From my dancing soul,
A hundred hands
Torture my diamond coal.

But the shouting and yelling,
Is not heard by us,
I am yours, you are mine,
And in that we trust.

We are stricken and beaten
Yet we do not feel pain,
We will always be together,
Despite blood’s stain.

We lived for the present,
We knew our fate well,
We were living in heaven,
The future was hell.

A silent tear leaves a track
Running down my pale skin,
I’ll love you forever,
The tear drops from my chin.

Yet even now, as you swing,
I do not loose hope,
I will never let our child face,
The rugged, red rope.




1. Sophie - March 4, 2012


2. Jessica - April 4, 2012

That is so…
You are a wonderful poet!! I love it! 🙂

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