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I have read books continuously ever since I can remember. Before I could read my parents constantly read me bedtime stories, and these continued long, long after I could read. This meant at the begining of my life I was already reading and hearing stories in a day more often than the average adult would read in a week.

From there, I just have never stopped. I am in love with the escapism books offer. No matter what problems I have or great things that happen, I can always disappear into a book and be who I choose to be.

With this passion of books I have also become an aspiring writer, and after many story ideas, I have finally hit upon one which I have so much dedication to and fervour for, I am going to complete it by the end of the summer (hopefully).

Anyway, I have come to greatly appreciate the art of story writing, and therefore feel it’s about time I show my love of books by writing about them, and reviewing all the books I read so I can share the joy, or warn against the not so great stories.

I feel that books are such an amazing part of life that they should be celebrated, studied and, above all, read at every opportunity.

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1. Natascha E. - December 17, 2009

Hello Bookgirl,

I discovered your blog this summer in August and I found it quite interesting. I read some of your reviews and they are really good. By the way, I’m from Luxembourg and I see that we have the same interests: books. Two years ago I read every evening a book sometimes until midnight, though I had school the next day. Now I don’t have so much time to read the books I want because I have to read many books for school. I chose the language-literature section last year ago. Since then I have sometimes problems to enjoy reading a book, unlike you, when I’m in trouble or something great happens in my life I can’t concentrate on a book which makes me sometimes sad. I have holidays now and that’s why I want to take advantage of reading my books. Still, I have to read other books for school, but reading should be fun, no? Since I’m eight years old, I’m also dreaming of becoming an author. So I began to write some little poems, then short stories and then stories which I never finished. I started writing a diary at the age of eight and I still do it. I’m seventeen now. Though, there are times I don’t write for months or for a year even. My dream is to study English literature in England or in Ireland. It sounds crazy, but I don’t read a lot of English books. I read German and French books as well. But I prefer English literature and the course is much more interesting at school. I hope I can fulfill my dream.

Bye the way continue like this and I wish you all the best for the future!

Nice greetings from Luxembourg!


theBookGirl - December 17, 2009

Hi Natascha,

It’s really nice to hear from you!
I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog as well as books!

I understand what you mean about having no time for your own books, when you have to read books for school! I have exactly the same problem! I enjoy reading the books I have to read fro school, but I prefer choosing my own ones!

It’s a shame that it’s hard for you to concentrate on books when other things are going on in your life; I always use books as my escape…but I guess everyone has their own way of escaping from their reality. I hope you find a different way so you can concentrate on books more often!

I agree that reading should be fun! I hope you have time to read some great novels in your holidays!

It sounds like you’re really dedicated to becoming an author! You should definitely keep it up! If it’s your dream, then you should go for it! And don’t worry about the stories you never finished, at least you began them! And you can pick them up again if you want to!

Keeping a diary is also really good; lots of bestselling authors say that that’s a really good way to get used to writing and start your career, because it’s all practise!

Stufying English Literature in England/Ireland doesn’t really sound that crazy! If it’s what you want to do you shouldn’t let anything stop you. By the way, your English is extremely good, so that wouldn’t ever be a problem.
I hope that maybe you’ll read more English books and discover more and more authors whose work you enjoy reading!

Thank you again! And good luck with following your ambitions! I bet you’ll succeed!

theBookGirl xx

2. Alex - December 17, 2017

Good Afternoon,

I am having trouble figuring out this question and wondered if you could help in some way. The question is, “what 3 social values are found in To Kill A Mockingbird with quotes(evidence)?

Thank you

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