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Lessons Learnt Throughout To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee August 24, 2009

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To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

The lessons learnt throughout To Kill a Mockingbird are both many in number and deep in complexity, but they can be listed in summary. There are also two types of lessons learnt – what Scout and therefore the reader learns about Maycomb, and what Scout learns about how to live. This second option includes the real lessons learnt throughout the novel:

1)      Respect others
For example, Atticus always addresses Mayella as ma’am, despite the trouble she has put Tom Robinson in. Atticus believes that everyone should be shown courtesy and respect, and that is a basic human right.

2)      Be Open Minded
For example, Atticus wants Jem and Scout to stand in others shoes in order to prevent them from just thinking from the point of view of well-off, white children of good connections. It is also shown by how because the Radleys are different – they have their front door shut! – they are shunned from society, whereas Boo is just misunderstood.

3)      Protect the Innocent
This is Atticus’ entire job – as a lawyer it his duty to protect the innocent, and in this novel he has to defend Tom Robinson. This is one of the main points of why it is a “sin to kill a Mockingbird”. Atticus believes it’s important not to judge people, or treat them according to prejudices, and, over and above that, it is important to help those people discriminated against. This is what Scout learns about Boo, and why Heck Tate doesn’t arrest Boo at the end of the novel.

4)      Equality
Quite simply, everyone is equal as a human being, and that is why Cal can have authority over the children despite the racism issue.

5)      Moral Stances
This is a lesson Scout and Jem find very hard – that sometimes that taking the moral high ground means that you will be goaded and discriminated against, but that you still should “hold your head up high and be a gentleman”. This is shown when Jem rises to the bait of Mrs Dubose and consequently has to spend a month reading to her. The children learnt that there are always consequences for actions. They also learn that these consequences would be avoided if they realise the right thing to do in the first place.




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Does Anyone know The Pages Or Specific Quotes To Describe These Themes?

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