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A film/book comparison: Twilight July 24, 2009

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Twilight the Film vs Twilight the Book

Twilight the Film vs Twilight the Book

Twilight the book by Stephenie Meyer has hit the ground running and not stopped, becoming more and more successful as its fame increases tenfold. The film, therefore, has shared a great portion of this fame, with the entire fan-base on the edge of their seats as they anticipated, watched, re-watched, bought and repeated the film.

The film, starring Kristen Stewart as Bella, and Robert Pattinson as Edward, was directed by Catherine Hardwick and produced by Summit Entertainment, and is said

to have had input from Stephenie Meyer.

Overall the film is very close to the book, often using direct quotes (“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…” “I hadn’t ever given much thought to how I would die…” etc.), and taking into consideration the greatly detailed descriptions to perfect the scenery and the action.

The book manages to entrance the reader extremely well, stealing them from the real world and not letting them go. The intense relationship of Bella and Edward is beautiful, realistic and inspiring, and this is held onto with unbelievable strength by the self-proclaimed “Twilighters”. It also has very deep characters with flaws, strengths and different ideas and thoughts which allow the reader to truly imagine the story.

The plot is thick and complex, allowing an interesting and gripping read, whilst the chapters all have excellent, intimate description which increases the power of the novel.

The film has excellent chemistry between Bella and Edward, where the viewer can sincerely believe that these characters are soul-mates in every way. The lines are well written, although out of the novel can sometimes seem a little cheesy or unlikely to be said in real life. The vampires are very close to how described in the book, although the sparkling effect is disappointing.

Through and through, this is a film for the fans of the book. In its own right it is a well produced film with an excellent soundtrack and flawless acting, but without reading the book, the story told would be confusing.

The film also cuts out a lot of the book, thickly condensing the chapters that I personally found the most thrilling and beautiful. It has a hard time explaining the relationship between our protagonists, balancing out the love and danger, whilst also focussing on the action scenes and added twist of the “bad” vampires.

What the film does well is show the intensity of the relationship, and also the close relationship which Bella develops with her father.

In conclusion, the book is, of course, better than the film, as the film is strictly just the book acted out. Not much is added, it’s very strongly a companion to the book. The book is more intense and describes and explains Bella much better, but the film does portray this well and works excellently for the original fan-base.




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