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Tell it to the Skies by Erica James July 16, 2009

Posted by KJ theBookGirl in review.
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Tell it to the Skies by Erica James

Tell it to the Skies by Erica James

Tell it to the Skies is a sensational novel which takes you on a journey you will never, ever forget.

“Suddenly in the middle of a crowded Venice street, Lydia glimpses a face that takes her back to England, back to her childhood and to a dreadful secret she believed she had banished to the past.

As children, Lydia and her sister were sent to live with grandparents they had never even met. It was a cruel and loveless new world for them, and it forced Lydia to grow up fast. She learned to keep secrets and trust sparingly, and through it all she was shadowed by guilt and grief.

Then, as an adult, the beautiful city of Venice gave Lydia peace, fulfilment and even love. But in a single moment a stranger’s face forces her to revisit the past she has been hiding from for the last twenty-eight years…”

This book is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. From the start I was absorbed in the unique tale of Lydia as she copes with loss no person, let alone child, should have to face. She learns about responsibility and hatred and cruelty and harshness, without the basic love most of us can’t live without.

As she grows up she becomes involved in a beautiful friendship, one of the only saviours to her life. Yet the plot continues to twist, turn and leave you astounded at the events.

The characters are all exceptionally well written reaching depths that make them entirely believable. As the reader you will shake with fear at the mere mention of Lydia’s grandparents, and sigh in love of her dear friend Noah. No character is left as a shallow person simply written to thicken the plot.

The setting is well explored, using simple household names to zap you back to the 60s and 70s, this novel could very well been seen as mildly nostalgic on top of intense, romantic, tragic, angersome, mystery and crime…

This book is so very gripping, as anger consumes the reader, as well as love, pity, anxiety, and all the emotions Lydia goes through. It really does change how you view the world.

One of the most controversial topics in this book is the power of religion and how it affects the followers of it, and if this power, which drives people to do diabolical things, is the total opposite of what it preaches.

In conclusion…read this book!




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