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Uninvoked June 4, 2009

Posted by KJ theBookGirl in review.
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Uninvoked Header

Uninvoked Header

Uninvoked is a novel written over a blog, which is a really interesting way of publishing it. You can find it here.


This novel-in progress is updated every Sunday to give the next thrilling intallment of the story, and I, like everyone who reads it, cannot wait.

Having only discovered Uninvoked today, I have read the story so far and can honestly say it is thrilling, spine -tingling and exceptionally well written.

The description, written as an intro on the blog is as follows:

It’s not easy being magic-less in a magical world…fortunately not all jobs require the ability to enchant.

Amy is carving a name for herself as a world class snoop. Want dirt on the governor’s daughter? Amy’s got it covered. Information on the Duke’s enemies? Fees apply. Facts on the Stronghold Assassins? Well, no. You’ll have to hire a hero for that.

Unfortunately, investigating the Stronghold is exactly what the handsome Invoker Bernard wants her to do. Amy has very little choice but to accept his case, but there’s evidence that Bernard may mean more harm than good to Eberhard. Can Amy figure out the truth before it’s too late, or will she be destroyed by these two new powerful enemies? Find out by reading Uninvoked.”

After just the first chapter which unlocks fantasy, magic and adventure, I can guarantee you’ll want to read more.

The main character, Amy, is a girl outcasted by general society, but dares to be different by choosing to use this to her advantage.

The plot already has a good few twists and turns and is developed enough to give a number of well written and beautifully realistic characters, with hints at sub-plots and adventure. At the end of each short chapter you, as the reader, are filled with anticipation and excitement for what will happen next. Suspense and tension are always present and this novel has the annoyingly brilliant characteristic of always making you want to figure out what is happening and know the true depth of each character as they sheild their secrets.

One of the mopst interesting points I have found with it so far, is how the outcasted society – the indelfy – still have power where as in similar circumstances they can be attacked with magic, but cannot attack themselves. This shakes the standardised magical theories and is a plausible twist which adds much more substance to something like magic.

The only bad point so far is not necessarily bad so much as requiring lots of concentration – there is new vocab to asist the amazing world created, and this means that there are names of people, places and labels which need to be remembered, and are unfamiliar at present. I am certain that they will become as familiar as “muggles” or “death eaters” but at the moment need concentration.

I would liken this style to realistic fantasy such as that found within the Magician’s Guild trilogy, Magyk, and the Ropemaker.

This is definitely a site worth checking out and I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as Ido. All this leaves me to say is to the author: please keep it coming!!




1. and another off topic post… « - June 5, 2009
2. uninvoked - June 5, 2009


You have no idea how exciting it was for me to check in on your website and see a review for Uninvoked! Thank you SO much! I have posted a link, and in a few days I will update my Promotion page with a permanent link. You go!

theBookGirl - June 5, 2009

You’re welcome! Just keep writing! 🙂

3. valbrussell - June 5, 2009

uninvoked is brilliant and impressive as hell! 🙂 Excellent review

4. uninvoked - June 9, 2009

I added you to my promotion page! ^^

theBookGirl - June 9, 2009

Thanks, I appreciate it >.<

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