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Mansfield Park by Jane Austen June 3, 2009

Posted by KJ theBookGirl in review.
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Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

This beautiful story follows the loving and mysterious character of Fanny Price, and her challenges as she is brought into a world of riches and elegance by her rich Uncle, Sir Thomas Bertram. She comes to live in his house, with his children, at the age of ten, and now, at the age of 18 she is introduced to love and responsibility.

The blurb of the book declares:

“Is love a matter for the head or the heart?

Fanny Price has always felt like an outsider. She was adopted by her uncle as a child and now lives in luxury at Mansfield Park, but doesn’t fit in somehow. Shyer and much sweeter than the glamorous cousins she has grown up with, she feels she can only stand by and watch from the sidelines, never living her own life.

Fanny won’t admit – even to herself – who she really loves, Her uncle conducts the search for a husband as if it were a business deal, and when the time for Fanny to marry comes, will she be handed over on a handshake? Or will she have the strength to make her own mistakes – and finally find true happiness?


Fanny is a beautifully developed character; she is not loud, or popular, or “accomplished” but we love her as she is kind, and wise, and tender.

Her challenge is to believe in herself, stay true to what she believes and to live with the burdens which cause her trouble.

We meet the enchanting Edmund Beertram, who is dashing, kind and such a gentleman. As Fanny’s cousin, he protects and loves her, and encourages her in all her challenges, little knowing the largest one involves himself.

This book is written very well, telling the reader just enough for us to guess the true feelings of Fanny, without being patronising, clumpy or heavy. Fanny’s character is hard to write as she is so timid and shy, so cannot be displayed in the over-emotional state of so many characters. 

All the characters throughout the novel are equally well written, none pure evil, but many misguided or with ill qualities, as is realistic. 

The plot is fairly simple but has many a twist and turn which prevent predictability.

The ending (without spoilers) surprised me as I wasn’t sure how Austen would conjure such a thing and make it work; but it did.

I felt that some minor characters, however, were a little under-developed and not so real in the world as Fanny, Edmund and William. However little else is there that I found disappointing or otherwise negative about the book.

In conclusion, definitely read this if you like other Austen books or period classics. The love story’s plot is very well written and worth your while. Once you get your teeth into this book, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to put it down. 




1. Rene - July 17, 2014

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2. ladylavinia1932 - March 12, 2015

I find it difficult to like, let alone respect Fanny Price. Austen failed to allow her to become self aware of her own flaws. And if we readers are supposed to believe that Fanny is a flawless character, then I cannot take her serious as a character.

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