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Exam and Revision Advice June 1, 2009

Posted by KJ theBookGirl in Revision.
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For those of you sitting exams right now, I have a little advice in case your panicking:

  1. Having revised as much as possible, do not do revision the day before the exam – it’ll just make you panic!
  2. If you have time on the day of the exam go over very breif notes, but don’t stress about it
  3. Don’t go near your friends who are doing the exam if you can help it – chances are they’ll be panicking as much as you and that will multiply if you’re together
  4. The night before, do something you enjoy: relax, read a book, watch a film, just don’t stay up late revising!
  5. If you know you haven’t revised enough, take a deep breath and calm down. You need to concentrate – if you have an English exam, don’t try learning 35 quotes, an A4 description of each character and all the subplots… pick out a quote per character and per theme. Have a bullet point on each theme, plot, character and point of notice, and learn these. In the exam you can build on it. 
    If it’s a different subject, like geography, just summarise the main points from each topic onto a postcard and learn that…it’s never too late to learna sentence!
  6. Writing stuff out helps me remember stuff, but so does making posters, or making post it notes, or telling my friends, or talking to myself, or making up hand movements. What I’m saying is, shut your door and be a fool if it helps -just do what makes you remember things! I relate stuff I learn to my favourite books which calms me down and helps me remember!
  7. Breathe. Breathing is really important.
  8. If people are interfering, or fussing when they’re just trying to help, explain calmly and let them know or they’ll never stop. But don’t let it get to you.
  9. Before you pick up your pen in the exam take a few deep breaths and read the questions – don’t answer a question it doesn’t ask you!
  10. Finally, plan ahead – if you’ve left it too late for an exam tomorrow don’t waste your time repeating stuff you’ll never learn – move on to revise the stuff for the day after!

I hope this helps!

Good luck to all of you!

You may have noticed a lack in postings but that’s because of my own exams – I only have 2 weeks left and then I’m all yours! Next reviews are to be on Mansfield Park, Little Women, a comparison between Angels and Demons book and film and maybe a review on Beauty.




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