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Constance by Rosie Thomas May 27, 2009

Posted by KJ theBookGirl in review.
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Constance by Rosie Thomas

Constance by Rosie Thomas

This story is purely captivating. 

“Connie Thorn was abandoned by her mother: a foundling left for strangers to find. She fiercely carves her own place in the world, shaping her own identity away from her adoptive family.

Her distance from her sister, Jeanette, her opposite in every way, is magnified when they both fall in love with the same man.

Years later, with bitter betrayal between them, Jeanette contacts Connie to tell her she is dying. The only family Connie will ever know is disappearing.

Leaving her peaceful hideaway on Bali, Connie hurries to her sister’s side. Can the two of them put the past behind them and make their peace? And can Connie make her own peace with who she is – and who she loves?”

This story cannot be justified in any review I do as it is so deeply founded and well written. The plot follows Connie as she tries to work out her life – present, past and future – within the time she has left with her sister. It also follows Noah, nephew of Connie, and his life binding the two stories together which wouldn’t be far off magic.

Bad points? Well, some of it may not be for younger readers, and it also is not good for you if you prefer your heart strings to remain un-tugged.

Thomas has created an insprational and moving novel which is well worth a read this summer!




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