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Book and Film Comparison: Bridget Jones’s Diary (Helen Fielding) May 2, 2009

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Bridget Jones COmparisonBefore I compare I would just like to tell you that I absolutely adore Bridget Jones’s Diary! Both the book and the film make me laugh and laugh and laugh – to me it is the ultimate rom-com! I cannot live without it! For that reason, this may not be the most critical of reviews…

The book is written in the style of a diary, with the policy of too much information as one of the main explanations to the humour. We, the readers, follow Bridget through her eventful days, able to say “God! I’ve been there” to many of the experiences or just laugh until you cry at others. You quickly become very emotionally tied with this funny, clumsy girl, and really feel for her as she tries to find a “nice, sensible boyfriend”. Needless to say this journey is full of twists and turns, the book taking on a huge list of characters which we learn to love, hate and enjoy, as they become part of Bridget’s life.

The plot is entirely realistic, an emotional roller coaster and full of new and old jokes which will have you in hysterics from  beginning to end. Bad points include how it is slightly unrealistic in the way Bridget – supposedly unattractive and unwanted – can have two guys fall head over heels in love with her. Also, as Bridget goes off on a tangent quite often it may be distracting – although humorous.

The film is also incredibly funny, and directed extremely well. Renee Zellweger plays the part of Bridget beautifully and totally fits the role.

The plot does waver from that of the book – whilst sticking with the basis, a fight-scene is incorporated and the ending is changed quite dramatically; and I have to say the book’s ending is funnier, far less predictable and, arguably, more realistic on the love front.

Some scenes are also not fully developed and clearly it would be very hard for us to meet all the characters in detail with the little anecdotes Bridget kindly gives us in the books. Nevertheless, the cast is well played, and most of the characters feature, although somewhat less intensely so we do not get so emotionally attached.

In conclusion to this short comparison, the book is better as the plot is stronger, the characters more developed and the humour greater, but the film is well made and definitely worth a watch. It also manages to show some aspects (such as the career change) very well and adds in a few twists making other areas more realistic.

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1. maria - September 29, 2011

so i have to write a research paper comparing the 2 can u please send me the difference between the book and movie ! it would save me from reading the whole thing !

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